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Kuntoutuskeskus Kankaanpää

Kelankaari 4

Lisätiedot: +358 2 57 333

Jämi Areena

In Areena you can organize trade fair, training events, entertainment occasions as well as birthday parties. Downstairs room you can divide in two sections by partition wall, which is downwarding. There are also four smaller conference rooms.

Jämintie 655
38800 Jämijärvi

Lisätiedot: +358 40 769 9183

Villa Jämi

Jämintie 634

Lisätiedot: +358 400 810 350

Jämin Loma-Asunnot


Jämikeskus - high-class meeting premises

Yritysforum is a high-level meeting room for 20 people. Reima Country Center has large meeting room for 50 people with the living and sauna facilities. The nature center has meeting room for 40 people.

Sormelantie 77
38800 Jämijärvi

Lisätiedot: 040 573 6120

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