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Do you need a retreat? Are you looking for a new direction or to improve the team spirit in your company? Do you maybe want to offer your clients recreation and experiences? Or do you and your friends want to have fun and relax?

Jämi offers a vast range of services and you can choose the ones best suited for your company or group. Our high-quality meeting premises offer an excellent framework for all kinds of company events. You can easily order delicious meals and refreshments from our catering services, according to your own schedule.

From our wide range of program services, you can choose the ones best suited for your guests. Safaris


with fantastic experiences, trips to the nature, group orienteering, canoeing, kettlebell training, hiking on rough terrain, your work team's own olympics - there is plenty to choose from! Request an offer and we will create a customised event package according to your wishes, utilising our professional network of companies. After a long day, your guest will be accommodated comfortably either at hotels or cottages.

Please note! We also offer workplace health promotion services and fitness surveying services to companies. Contact us to find out more!

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