Activities. Nature. Well-being.

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Jämi is a paradise for enthusiasts. Challenge yourself to the limit by cycling or skiing in the wonderful natural landscape. Depending on the season, a vast selection of various types of sports is available. You will not get bored in Jämi!

Not all activities are about pushing yourself to the extreme while tasting your own blood. Your mind will rest and your batteries will charge in the peace of the woods and waterways. Fishing, hunting, canoeing and hiking allow you to experience the nature, making you feel more healthy both mentally and physically.

Jämi's specialty is its long aviation history. Several small planes visit the Jämi airport every year. The annual Jämi Fly In is a well-known aviation event.

Choose your sport. Choose your goal. If you are after a more serious battle, participate in Jämi's sports competitions and see if you can defeat top class challengers. However, if you are mainly looking to defeat yourself, Jämi offers ways to do it. Be brave and try new types of sport: our extensive network of experts will gladly help you to get started!

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