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There are several accommodation options in Jämi. You can stay at a hotel or a holiday apartment or you can reserve a cottage for a small group or for 10 people. If you wish, you may also stay in a dugout in the middle of nature or at farm accommodation in the countryside. There is plenty to choose from!

Our various accommodation options are available in the beautiful esker landscape of Jämi but of course lakeshore accommodation is also available. Our selection lets you find what you need, whether you are looking for a holiday destination, workplace health promotion location or a venue for a party.

Central reservations:

Jämikeskus (Jämi Centre)
t. +358 40 573 6120

Jämi Sales
t. +358 44 573 6510

Jämi holiday residences

Jämi Cottages
t. +358 40 847 5520
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